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NEO-Life the Premiere Neonatology Conference

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About Neo-Life Conference.

Neo-Life is a pioneering neonatology conference that focuses on advancing Quality and Safety for newborns. It showcases state-of-the-art lectures from international and national experts. Draws from speakers with extensive experience in neonatal care. This provides a national platform for young researchers to present their research work.

Neo-Life themes around the discussion and debate of neonatal care advances and collaboration. It includes Interactive hands-on workshops facilitated by field experts, emphasizing the importance of non-invasive technology for diagnosing and managing newborn illnesses.


Marriott Hotel Karachi


6 & 7, March 2024

Our International and National Neonatal Experts

Dive into cutting-edge neonatal care at NEO-LIFE Conference! Uncover breakthroughs from renowned experts with decades of experience. Join the vibrant scientific community to learn, debate, and network. Elevate your neonatal expertise this March

Dr. Peter Davis

Professor of Neonatology - Australia

Dr. Junaid Muhib Khan

Consultant Neonatologist - UAE

Dr. Shahid Gauhar

Consultant Neonatologist - UAE

Dr. Khawaja Ahmad Irfan

Professor of Neonatology

Dr. Yasser Masood

Consultant Neonatologist

Dr. Arjamand Shauq

Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist

Dr. Azeem Khan

Assistant Professor Neonatology

Dr. Hina Mohsin

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Muhammad Irfan

AI Consultant

Our Workshop Experts Panel

Professor Syed Rehan Ali

Consultant Neonatologist

Neo-Life Facilitators

Dr. Hassan Jabbar

Assistant Professor Neonatology

Dr. Faraz Ahmed

Assistant Professor Neonatology

Dr. Fayaz Ahmed

Assistant Professor Neonatology

Dr. Iqrar Ali

Assistant Professor Neonatology

Abstract Call

Join us at the NEO-Life Conference for a unique opportunity to showcase groundbreaking research through a compelling poster presentation. Gain exposure to an esteemed jury and engage with international speakers. Elevate your work on the stage and contribute to the future. Don't miss this chance to make an impact!

Conference Schedule

Join us for two days of immersive learning and experience. Don't miss the opportunity to contribute to the future of neonatal care. Explore the schedule and be a part of this meaningful endeavor.

Conference Registration

Join the Neonatal Conference uniting international and national experts. Explore breakthroughs, share insights, and network with leaders in neonatal care. Register now to enhance your knowledge and contribute to shaping the future of neonatology. Don't miss out!

Day - 1

Workshop - 3000 PKR

Workshop + Conference

Combine - 6000 PKR

Day - 2

Conference - 4000 PKR

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